What Is The Value Of A Phd?

In my opinion, PhD is not a process to determine whether a student was wise or unwise. But it is more on whether that person is disciplined, patient, have a big heart, working or not. For me, doing a PhD is obviously the right time for people to learn, to seek knowledge, to study and to write in the correct way. Personally, I think ‘staying motivated’ is the most important keywords to put myself always eager in order to complete my PhD. We know that, the challenge to get in this process is very intense and complicated. That’s why I should always be committed, focused and stay motivated.

As a PhD student, our goal must be contributed to the available ‘book of knowledge’ in order to benefit the community. It must be emphasized that our research and development will benefit them. That’s why we need to be prepared with good intentions and goals, so that our research will be guided by ethics. This intentions and goals are should not be forgotten during the period of study because it will acts as our guide and motivator.

The main reason why I push myself hard to get PhD is because; I want to be a good lecturer. For me, being a good lecturer is a kind of career that has high recognition in our society, as the higher education institution itself is a site to produce individuals who are able to contribute their services to the religion, race and country.

So here some other goals that I want to accomplish in my future:

  1. I can be an independent researcher
  2. I can write a good scientific paper
  3. I can express my ideas in a well/properly way
  4. I can teach other people well
  5. I can build a network with other researchers from all over the world (so far I know one in Ireland and a lot in Indonesia 🙂 )

My friend told me this,

Sebenarnya kita buat research bukan untuk mengejar impact factor yang tinggi tetapi “we want to share the findings that we get with the academic society” dan ” the reason why we do research is for the sake of human benefit” bukan semata mata mahu mengejar nama atau duit di sebalik segalanya. Rugi kita yang Muslim diperguna oleh sistem barat bukan untuk mengkayakan ilmu kajian tetapi untuk kejar kepentingan diri. Mereka lebih hargai ilmu dari kita. 

Just a simple thought.

The Novelty.

In general, novelty can be explained in simple language as ‘originality’ or ‘new’. However, it is still subjective to a particular field or discipline. Even in similar fields or area, there is still having a change on perspective, expectation and individual exposure.

In terms of definition;

The novelty of my research will demonstrate the readiness of myself in order to explore new areas that still have space to review. I understand that the process to produce a quality research is not easy, furthermore it needs a lot of sacrifices. That’s why, activities such as reading, discussing, attending lectures and mastering the information resources will require a great skill through a lengthy process.

In a study, the common things that will be observed are ‘novelty of research’, ‘contribution of study’ and ‘methodology’ that being used. The wrong results on the analysis might be accepted because it still can be corrected, however, if all three of the aforementioned things are poor, there’s nothing can be done anymore. Language can be corrected, but not the methodology. Analysis can be improved, but not on the research contribution.

Something that I learned from the class is, Getting Feedback. We have to take part in any discussions, seminars or conferences that related to our research project. There are lot of benefits that we can get such as; we can publicize our research for the benefit of other researchers, get feedback and criticism on our research, be able to track the progress of research in our field, can exchange views and ideas with other researchers who have similar research interests, and also, able to build a network with other researchers. By this way, we will be able to identify the weaknesses that exist or things that may be overlooked, thus helping us to do the upgrading or improvements in our research.